Who we are


Established in the year 2003, Radico Khaitan’s Pet division has grown exponentially and many folds since its inception. Evolving quickly from an in-house bottling company to a forerunner in the PET bottle manufacturing industry, we have witnessed a turnover of over 150 crores, which is slated to go up even further.

Our success, as a result, can be attributed to adopting the best techniques and employing the latest machinery to make PET bottles for all purposes and intent. We have the expertise and production ability to produce PET bottles & containers for Packaging, Food & Beverages, Health & Beauty Care and Pharmaceuticals.

With new clients on board from the Hair Oil and Confectionary business, we are determined to offer the same level of standards and experience. Our constant attention revolves around absolute quality assurance and providing superior products.

We constantly strive to apply better practices and techniques to our production ability. Our products are not only superior, but also more effective when it comes to displaying customer’s brand and product.

One thing that we are learning through our exponential growth is that even though there are other players in our industry, our uniqueness in producing quality and more functional containers gives us the edge. We keep refining our concepts and design for products and its manufacturing methods to arrive at unique solutions for every client. Our products are singular to every brand and crafted with the intention that it becomes as much relatable to the brand as its tagline. We deliver the perfect suit to dress-up and hold your brand.

Our Vision and Mission


Know us, through our vision and mission. What we have set out to achieve and the standard we want to establish. Our true motivation and your true quality assurance.


To be pioneers in packaging solution through innovation, genius and business relationships those are long-lasting.


To achieve our vision by satisfying customers needs with innovative and tailored packaging products. To be the best in industry and work ahead with passion, innovation, integrity and smart diligence.

Safety & Responsibility
Safety & Responsibility

Our commitment is to hold the highest standards towards customer satisfaction.


A persistent attitude to motivate constant and continued growth in all of our customer delight.

Total pet Leadership

Mr. Abhishek khaitan
Mr. K.P.Singh
( Director Operations )
Mr.dilip k Banthiya
( Chief Financial Officer )
Mr.Ajay k Agarwal
( President - F & A )
Mr. Manish Gupta
( Sales & Marketing - Head )
Mr. R B Biradar
(PET Plant – Head)